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On April 28, 2010, 7:36PM.

See full size imageOur governor,  Jennifer Granholm,  helped pass a law to have texting and driving banned in  Michigan.  The Law of texting while driving will start on “July 1, 2010”.  “A first offense will cost $100 and repeat offenses will cost $200.  Also,  no points will be added to the driver’s record”.  “At least 15 states have already passed the law of banning texting and driving”.  I believe that the law has a chance to limit car accidents in Michigan.  I would hope that every state can have a  law banning texting  while driving.  “It’s going to be a solid implementation and it’s going to be fair” said Rep Lee Gonzalesee.  I agree with Mr. Gozalesee.  It’s gonna be a hard law to enforce, but it is worth the time, and worth saving the lives of others.

Cell Phones In Class!(:

I think cell phones should  be allowed in class.  In Doing the right thing with technology. Nancy Frey and Douglas Fisher have the idea of having cell phone to be in school to teach children how to use a cell phone the proper way. Nancy and Douglas would like to have children sign a permission slip that promises that saying please and thank you, paying attention in class, socializing with friends during passing periods and lunch, asking questions and interacting with peers and teachers, asking for, accepting, offering, or declining help graciously, allowing teachers and peers to complete statements with out interruptions, trowing away trash after lunch, recycling all materials and placing all trash in appropriate bins, cleaning your own workspace, reporting safety concerns or other issues that requie attention to a staff member. Nacy and Douglas would like all of the rule to be followed if they sing the paper for cell to be able in class. When kids bring cell phones to class and they are not needed most thing that happen is the fact that it will ring, fail to communicate, get upset when teacher takes phone and uses rude lauguage. I really do like what Nancy and Douglas are trying to do for kids. I think it is worth of a try it could make kids respectful to others while using a phone. I hope they can keep there promise with singing their papers. I think that having cell phone can help bring more fun into class and with more fun more people will pay attention.

Cell Phones In Class!(:

I think cell phones shoudl be able to in class.

I think they could be used in class because a spanish teacher in Florida allows her kids to have phones in class for a search in spanish. What the teacher does is she sends a text message in spanish ands they have to understand it in english and do what it says. The teacher also allowed that it would be ok to translate any words they need help on, on the internet on their cell phones. For exmple she would write in spanish go to the office and take a picture of the princible, and send the picture to the teacher.

I think that, that would be a fun way to learn.